Demand is still growing - not shrinking. Supply will be a fluid issue but OPEC is in shambles, investments have already been cut dramatically, by just looking at big oil earnings last week and prior: capex dump, see

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BHI (BHI, quote) rig count biggest fall since 1987 in one week and you have a situation that I repeat bears the phrase - PRICE IS NOT TRUTH in oil.

Drillers and oil services are the most leveraged to move higher. RIG (RIG, quote) bottomed in mid-December and remains most levered, Halliburton (HAL, quote) as well with domestic vs Schlumberger (SLB, quote) international portfolio.  

Solar rallies on higher oil (not correct but who am I stop this relationship) and China (FXI, quote) is setting higher Solar targets for 2015 of 15 Gigawatts installed +43% to what was added in 2014 looking to prop its solar panel despite lack of transmission infrastructure. Sunedison (SUNE, quote) most interesting fundamental call here and has traded consistently since bottoming near end December.

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